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Hosting a domain? Here is what you need to know


Times are changing fast. Technology is advancing with every waking day. Businesses are going online, and one’s achievement is determined by how much traffic you can generate online. This means for a company to be successful you need the best online input. Do you have a domain that needs hosting? Let’s see; what are the top 5 things to look for in web domain hosting. What are your hosting needs? Your needs should guide you to choose a domain host. Ask yourself questions like; *How much traffic is my target? *What is the purpose of my website? *What services will I [...]

Hosting a domain? Here is what you need to know2018-03-16T19:43:25+00:00

Tips for choosing e-commerce Web Hosting


If you're a small business or thinking of starting a small business then putting up your website should be a top priority. The first significant step you need to decide is what web hosting service you want to use. Having a website involves a lot of planning to build it right, and you need an excellent web hosting service where your website files will reside. The proper web hosting service can be the difference between having a website that is effective for your business or is a waste of precious time and resources. Different service providers offer primarily the same thing, [...]

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Dedicated Hosting vs. Shared Hosting


People started selling their business through the internet when it started invading our day-to-day lifestyle. Since there is no physical presence, we need a virtual palace to showcase what we are and what we sell. When an internet user wants to understand your business, the first thing they do is visiting your business website, and that's where the web hosting plays an important role. Websites are hosted on a special computer called servers, and when a user is typing your domain address in the browser, the computer will connect to your server and the webpage will be delivered to them. It [...]

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