Dedicated Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

People started selling their business through the internet when it started invading our day-to-day lifestyle.

Since there is no physical presence, we need a virtual palace to showcase what we are and what we sell. When an internet user wants to understand your business, the first thing they do is visiting your business website, and that’s where the web hosting plays an important role.

Websites are hosted on a special computer called servers, and when a user is typing your domain address in the browser, the computer will connect to your server and the webpage will be delivered to them. It is crucial and vital to have your domain system to host.

Dedicated Domain Hosting:

When a server is entirely served to a single organization for a unique purpose (example: website), then it’s called Dedicated Domain Hosting.

Shared Domain Hosting:

It is a contrast of dedicated domain hosting where a server is served for multiple clients. On a brighter side shared hosting is less expensive but it does not suffice for websites with high traffic.

DDH vs. SDH:

It is very much essential to choose between shared domain hosting and dedicated domain hosting and especially when you have a medium sized company. It may be a bit confusing since we have to decide whether to address the current need or to focus on future needs.

Bandwidth and Disk space:

It is vital to understand the client’s bandwidth needs over the course of a month to estimate the amount of data they spend and the amount of traffic they receive on a month for a defined server.

Most of the web hosting organizations who are using shared domain will market saying they have unlimited bandwidth in their shared quota. But, you cannot use the unlimited supply in a single shot. It is necessary to consult your host to understand the soft limit and to come up with a decision based on the incoming traffic.

A website which is receiving traffic massively should have a dedicated domain, and the best part is that some web hosting can provide you an unlimited supply of bandwidth and disk space.


When the performance of your website is smooth, the visitor’s user experience will be excellent, and it is the ultimate focus for hosting a website.

One of the disadvantages of the shared hosting is that the resources are really limited and you can never judge your site’s performance. If you are running multiple tasks in the shared host, most of the resources in the shared domain will be used for supporting user’s traffic which may affect your website’s performance.


Whatever the domain may be, it is the primary goal to maintain excellent security to our website. When compared to a dedicated domain, shared domain is less secure, and the reason is that your site is hosted on a server which is also serving multiple websites.

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