Tips for choosing e-commerce Web HostingIf you’re a small business or thinking of starting a small business then putting up your website should be a top priority. The first significant step you need to decide is what web hosting service you want to use.

Having a website involves a lot of planning to build it right, and you need an excellent web hosting service where your website files will reside. The proper web hosting service can be the difference between having a website that is effective for your business or is a waste of precious time and resources.

Different service providers offer primarily the same thing, but in different ways. The features that some offer are unique to a particular service, but there are some basics you want to know about in detail because the service you select should be based on the specific offerings and your business needs.

These are the core features you should know before choosing a good web hosting service:

1. Web space allowed

The web space is the amount of storage for your website files. A website is merely a collection of files on a computer, just like your home computer. The only difference is that this computer where they are stored at the web host is called a server. Instead of storing files and holding them, it allows them to be viewed over the internet through your domain name. If your hard drive at home is 100 GB, you have that much storage for your files, documents, video files and music files. The server works the same way, so if you have a website where it’s only web pages, then it’s relatively small. If your business is going to have videos, you will want more storage web space. A good eCommerce Web Hosting Service will provide enough for you.

2. Does the web host own its data center?

A good web hosting service has its own data center, and it lends significantly to their credibility and reliability. Remember this is the business website you want to build, so it must have close to 99.99% uptime. Services that own a data center are most likely more trustworthy, been in the web hosting business for a long time, and have an experienced staff who are helpful and can answer the questions you may have.

3. Does the web host have 24-7 phone support or email support?

Think of your business website as a living, breathing entity, so understand that people can visit your site all hours of the day. So when things go wrong, (hopefully not), or you have questions about your website that can make or break your business, you want a service that can be available to you. A good web hosting service may even have people with knowledge of web development, who can answer code questions and work out issues you may have.